Non-Custodial Passive Rewards Through DeFi

This vault is focused on providing liquidity to defi protocols and - in return - earning excellent rewards from those protocols for the liquidity.

100% noncustodial. No staking is required. We are genuinely building financial freedom.

Access GMACL now and start earning rewards

Simple, Self-Custodial & Secure


Gemach index fund tokens are ERC-20, making it simple to store or modify your strategy. Gemach simplifies complex strategies into a single token, we reduce the number of overall transactions users make, saving time, fees, and effort.


You are always in control of your index fund tokens and they can be stored on any Ethereum wallet. They are available to redeem or trade on-chain 24/7, via decentralized exchanges and can be used via the broader DeFi ecosystem.


GFund is built on the secure blockchain platform Enzyme (audits). Gemach does rigorous due diligence on all our strategies and ensures that all 3rd party systems meet our standards of security, accessibility, and ease of use.

Are you ready to capture yield? Here's how to get started!

1. Connect Wallet

Connect your decentralized wallet to the Enzyme portal.

2. Approve Assets

Approve the assets that you want to use which could be ETH, wBTC or USDC.

3. Deposit Funds

Make a deposit in the portal by swapping ETH or other assets for the index fund token.

4. See The Results

Index funds are routinely updated and rebased allowing you to monitor the performance.

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